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because we wanted a cool poster

This digital illustration poster was made to feature @magnoliabayou shows. I remember having the best laugh when they said "we just wanted a cool poster", and that was how the name of this tour was born. All of the designs I make for them reflect the vibe and aesthetic of the band and their psychedelic southern rock music. The original frog and pipe design idea came from @piperleith 🐊🔥


I just love the moody colors, smoky letters, and art nouveau aesthetic.✨🌕🐸The fans went crazy over this design too, so I modified it to go on a t-shirt! You can find it at🙌


If you are looking for a designer to talk with about your idea for a poster, shirt, invitation, etc. Message me and check out my website Link In Bio.✨💯

Get your print here:

Wicked and Wonder Design - Graphic design "Because we wanted a cool poster" tour poster for Magnolia Bayou


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