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Elopement Ceremony Music Video

A beautiful wedding ceremony for Daniel Smith and Renee Burns Smith! Thank you so very much for asking me to capture your special day. Happy Wedding!

Ok yall! We finally got our video today and I have been busting at the seams to share it. We are grateful to Autumn King for capturing this for us. This is what my vision was when I asked her to video our special day! She nailed it!! We are also grateful to Tiffany Gayatri Devi Kidder for performing this lovely, personal ceremony. And of course, my daughter-n-law Piper Fulton for the flowers
Our day wouldn't have been this magical without these three very talented, lovely souls!
Enjoy Me and my forever!!! I love you Daniel Smith 3/2/23

Renee Burns Smith


Elopement Ceremony Music Video and Photography

If you are interested in an Elopement Ceremony Music Video, contact me today!

We also took a few moments to capture some photos in between filming. If you would like to see the full album, check out my collection on Facebook.

Ceremony: Tiffany Kidder

Floral: Piper Fulton

Videography: Wicked & Wonder Digital Design


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