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Kaiteki Noodle Bar

The brilliant minds behind Radish are opening Kaiteki, a new noodle bar in my city!! I am beyond excited to have a restaurant like this. My husband and I are big ramen fans and our favorite ramen restaurant is a few hours away. I can't wait!🍜🍥

William and I were talking about the inspiration for this restaurant and one of his favorite artists is Roy Lichtenstein. Using bold primary colors and the hex dot style as a baseline, I was able to create a flowing and unique ramen bowl to fit perfectly with his favorite aesthetic. I'm looking forward to seeing the restaurant design in its entirety with the new logo.🖥🖱

Kaiteki logo design | Wicked and Wonder Digital Design co.

I'm looking forward to having a place so close to enjoy a beautiful and high-quality ramen bowl. Check out the landing page we put together and join the mailing list for updates.

The main website is in the works, so follow them along on social media for news on their opening timeline.🌿🍜

Kaiteki website design | Wicked and Wonder Digital Design co.


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