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magnolia bayou - tupelo (official lyric video)

This lyric video is a combination of beautiful stock video and video from our MS walking trail trip. Using camera tracking, I was able to place the song lyrics into the scene! This is by far my favorite Magnolia Bayou song as well as my favorite lyric video I have ever made.

From swampy bayous to breathtaking mountains, it's good for the soul to lose yourself down a trail less traveled... 🍄🌿🥾

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CREDITS Written by Magnolia Bayou & Tyler Storms

Performed by Magnolia Bayou

Background Vocals by Taylor Spring

Recorded at Natchez Sound Studio

Produced by Burne Sharp

Engineered by Billy Moesta

Mixed by Justin LaFramboise

Mastered by Pete Lyman | Infrasonic Sound

Videography by Wicked & Wonder Design


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