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"Pick It Up" Music Video

The Heavy Strides are back with another epic single, "Pick It Up". This song is a heavy and grungy masterpiece with a killer hook that you can't help but sing along to. We wanted to make sure that the "Pick It Up" Music Video visually reflected the story and vibe, a complete turnaround in terms of aesthetics to their first music video "Won't Hold Back".

As you can see in Drew's Instagram post, the location was perfect! The band set up a shoot day at this old abandoned ship-building hangar in Gulfport, MS. Rusted metal, rubble, mud, and emptiness. I loved everything about this place. It had the right eerie vibe.

They wanted that to start the video off, the ambiguity and emptiness of the location. So we got some subtle shots of their instruments and the hangar and I edited an intro that would ease the audience into the environment. At the beginning of the video, you also hear some built-in sounds. I wanted the audience to be able to experience what we heard that day so the listener gets to hear the wind howling, the metal creaking, and the water dripping and echoing.

One of my favorite elements was using After Effects motion tracking to edit in their logo onto the graffiti wall! I love it when shows and movies make the text part of the scene. There is something very magical about it to me.

We spent a few hours there doing runs of the song. The guys really brought the energy! Normally I love to shoot very smooth shots, but for this the camera had to match their performances. It was some hard work, but the shakes, turns, and odd angles were needed for the final composition.

"Pick It Up" Music Video

In post, I went through and found what I thought the most fun clips were; sometimes it's a facial expression, sometimes it is a certain riff. I also made sure that there was a balance of all three of the musicians throughout the video.

With the timeline set, the only thing left to do from that point is the color-grading and effect overlays. This video needed some distortion so I added in a small amount of old Super-8 video effects, light refraction, grain, dirt, and heavy hits. This video rocks and rumbles from that first drop to the end and I freaking LOVE it.

I want to say, thank you, to The Heavy Strides for asking me to be a part of this project with them. I'm so happy to have had an opportunity to make another music video for these guys. It brings me so much joy to do what I do.

I also want to say, thank you, to my husband Kayden for loving me and supporting my work. I have learned so much from you, including how to use new camera equipment and software, and for this video specifically how to operate a generator for the first time.

I love you and appreciate you!

This experience was epic and I'm very proud of the final result. Watch "Pick It Up" by The Heavy Strides!

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