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the butterfly garden photoshoot

The butterfly garden 🦋 This was a lovely photoshoot day with my sister at Pine Hills Nursery. We wanted to dress up like butterflies just for fun! Piper is incredibly creative and I love being able to share that with her. We both photographed one another that day and I did the final editing on all the images, balancing light and color, making small edits to clean up the scenery, and adding light flares.

Retouching & Compositing

When you think about shooting at a location or on a specific day, you always hope for beautiful weather and lovely scenery. One of the great things about working with me is I am able to composite images and retouch them so you can have the perfect sky, a clean sidewalk, or even have blemishes removed or mitigated like sunburn, acne, or cuts or bruises. Don't worry about the little things, enjoy a fun photoshoot for whatever occasion you are celebrating!

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