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wicked and wonder llc

Starting my own business a few years ago was a scary but wonderful decision. I had experienced small business and corporate business environments and over time realized that I wanted to reach further with my skills, to experience a more creative outlet for myself. Today I get to work with other creative people and small business owners from all over the country. Life is short and a wonderful experience and I believe it's important to spend your time and energy doing what you love.

Wicked & Wonder LLC - Autumn owner

Wicked & Wonder LLC is an expression of my skills and talent as well as my love for the world of fantasy and dreaming. Taking someone's idea and making their vision a reality is modern-day magic. It is very fulfilling to help others in pursuing their life goals. So if you have been looking for a designer to outsource to, someone to help you in creating a logo, digital illustration, website, video, and more send me a message today! I can't wait to work with you.


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