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strange place album design

This has been one of the most intensive and proud projects this year for me. @magnoliabayou put their life into this album and I hoped to visually reflect what they are able to do audibly. The original art for the cover was created by Caitlin Mattisson in full color. I brought down the background to create some eerie depth and then focused the coloring in the image to create the illusion of light from the jar and the mushrooms. The Back cover I created, bringing in the famous toad and song list in the smoke from his pipe. Cool colors and a lot of texture to match the work on the front. For the CD and other merch, I pulled the front cover art and built-in tree roots and branches to create a circling imperfect connection. The album, Strange Place, also includes a 16-page lyric book that we put together for the launch.

You can get the album or an album bundle on @magnoliabayou's website right now, or stream it on all major streaming platforms.

I'm incredibly grateful to be able to work with the band. They are so talented, kind, and creative - making the world better one song at a time.


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