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preachin’ blues - live at bELOw studios, NOLA

A three-part live studio session music video series. We filmed on location at the studio and then edited in the track recorded live. I also added in an animated intro I really enjoyed the film shoot. It was a fun and relaxed acoustic session.

Unquestionably, blues is the foundation of Rock N’ Roll. Our sound was forged in the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta, where the sounds of our forefathers linger in the air. It’s challenging to walk away from the delta without a stir in your soul. Blues has and always will be a deep well of inspiration for Magnolia Bayou. By popular demand, we give you our stripped-down take on 'Preachin’; a folk classic. -MB

“Something special comes out of that flat, rich, black earth, and it ain’t cotton or soybeans.” - Tom Scarborough

Engineered by Ben Lorio

Produced by Justin LaFramboise

Video Production by Autumn Leith | Wicked & Wonder

Written by Son House

Performed by Magnolia Bayou 🔥🔥🔥

Debut Studio Album available worldwide!

Download and Listen Today Apple Music:

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