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The Celebrating Motherhood Event

Little Sunshine Photography by Britneye is hosting a "Celebrating Motherhood" Event at her studio this April! Bookings are open for Simple sessions and Luxe Sessions. This event is open to mothers and grandmothers, welcoming moms in all seasons of their journey to document the love they have for their babies.

I have recently started working with Britneye on some video projects, documenting her in the moment on location. She is absolutely incredible at her craft. She can work with a child of any age, she makes mommas feel so beautiful and comfortable, and when it comes to newborns she is the baby whisperer. If you are looking for kindness, customization, exceptional photography, and a high-quality final product Little Sunshine Photography is without a doubt a wonderful option to consider. We have some exciting videos on the way, so stay tuned.


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